The Beauty of the Game

As a Scottish child you will inevitably come across golf at some point when you're growing up, whether it's smashing a few balls down the park, actually going out and playing on a proper course or just watching the open on TV. I experienced all of the above and found that there was something that didn't really click for me. I found there was a lot of rules and regulations on what you should wear or how much noise you should make.

I really love the abstracted versions of sports like table football, crazy golf or table tennis. Essentially you take a an element of a sport, change the context and add a bit of fun. Wiffle Golf is created from the skill of chipping in Golf and gets its element of fun from the adventure of exploring the forrest. It's way more fun than a round of golf or a walk through the woods, it's a chance to explore a little hidden world. You've no idea where the next hole is or what it looks like so you are guided on a journey through the landscape.

Why you should make a course

Compared to most sports it is really cheap to set up and we have managed to source most of our materials from local companies looking to help out. It's amazing what you can get if you just ask for it nicely. Depending on the landscape it shouldn't really take that long to set up either. The majority of your time will be spent clearing out the area and prepping the tees and greens. With a few pairs of hands and a bit of planning you should be able to get a course up and running with a few days work. As long as you build the course using robust materials there's relatively little maintenance required so it should easily last for years.

Wiffle Golf is great fun to play no matter how old you are so you can go with friends, taking the kids for a day out or even get the grandparents along. It also doesn't cost a lot to play as getting a hold of a ball and a club should only cost a few pounds if you don't already have them lying around. Unlike a round of golf you can complete a Wiffle Golf round in about 30mins so you can play a few rounds or come along for a quick bit of fun. So what are you waiting for? go make your very own course!