Story of the UK's first Wiffle Golf course

This little blog documents all the steps taken to create the course. It should have all the information that you need to create your very own Wiffle Golf Course and when you've got it up and running we can add you to the map!

Overlooking Green Lake in Whistler, Canada

The Idea

This is the beginning of the story of how and why I decided to bring a little known game to the trees of Dundee.

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Wiffle Golfer getting ready to tee off

Beauty of the game

Why this little game is superb and why you should seriously consider making your very own course.

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Woodland area

Finding a location

You can probably make a course anywhere but there are a few key things to look for in when finding a location.

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Mike digging the foundation for the first tee

Gathering Materials

All the things you'll need to source in order to get a course up and running but don't worry they're all pretty easy to come by if you ask the right people nicely.

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Mike digging the foundation for the first tee

Building the course

Here's an insight into the hours we put in actually building the course, many hands definitely make light work.

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