How to play Wiffle Golf

Wiffle Golf is super simple, easy for anyone to play and way more fun than regular golf! It's played in the trees, so you'll have to climb over obstacles and navigate your way through the forrest to complete the course. It's pretty quick to play a hole so you should be able to play a game in about 30mins.

To play Wiffle Golf you stand on the tee and place your ball on the astroturf square. Just like golf, the aim of the game is to get your ball in the hole but you only get 1 shot per hole, so you are awarded points based upon where your ball lands (points shown below). Once each player has played their shot you pick up your ball, record your score and move on to the next tee. Who ever gets closest to the hole gets to go first on the next hole. It's as simple as that.

If the ball Lands Score
In the hole +2
On the green +1
In a hazard -1
Anywhere else 0

What you'll need to play

All you need is 1 golf club and 1 plastic practice ball (also know as a Wiffle ball). The holes are pretty short (about 10-15m) so you are best with a 9 iron, sand wedge(SW) or pitching wedge(PW). If you can't get a hold of a club to play with, then you should be able to pick one up pretty cheaply at a charity shop or at Tayside Re-users. Wiffle Golf is played 1 person at a time so if you're playing with friends you only need 1 club for the whole group.

You can't play Wiffle Golf with a normal golf ball so you'll need to get yourself a plastic practive ball like the ones shown below. Each player will need their own ball but you can pick up a packet of 6 for around £2 from the bigger supermarkets or in sports shops.

Wiffle balls

The only other thing to bear in mind is that the course is played over uneven ground and you'll have to do a bit of clambering round so it's best not to turn up in your best gear or a pair of flip flops. When we're building the course we have tried to make it as safe as possible for you to play but you are responsible for your own safety, we cannot accept any responsibility for any injury, damage or loss sustained while playing. If you do see anything unsafe please let us know and we'll go sort it out.