The course is the only one of its kind (to our knowledge) in the UK and is located in Dundee. It's a little more tricky to find than a gigantic 18 hole course but it's all part of the adventure navigating your way to the first tee.

The course has been created by volunteers and is not manned at any time. You are solely responsible for your own saftey and well being when playing. We cannot accept any responsibility for any loss, damage or injury that may occur when using the course or surrounding areas. If you do spot something you think needs fixed or doesn't seem safe then please get in touch and we'll go sort it out.

The course is hidden away in a little secluded spot in the trees not far from the banks of the Dighty river. It's located in the forest so make sure you have appropriate footwear etc. as you'll be climbing over logs and up banks in order to play. You can find the course by going to the bottom of Longhaugh Road where it meets Pitkerro Road (click the map below for a Google Maps location). Once you reach the barrier, shown in the photo at the top, go past it and follow the wide track, not the path with arrows on it, for about 10m. You'll see an open space on your left where the trees have been cut down. You need to go up the bank and to the left where you'll pick up a little track that will take you into the trees and to the first hole. There's a video here to help you out. If you're bringing the car it's best to park on Pitkerro Road or up Longhaugh Road and then it's only a short walk to the entrance.

Map of Wiffle Golf location in Dundee