Building the Course

After all the planning and sourcing of materials this is when you you need to roll up your sleeves and get a sweat on. We managed to get some help from some amazing volunteers to put everything in place and it saved us a lot of man hours.

The very first thing you need to do at the site before you start creating the course, is actually walk round the proposed route. Make sure that your course plan is still good to go. We did several site visits before deciding on the exact layout of the course and you should always be up for adapting or changing plans to accomodate new thoughts or discoveries.

This is the first stage of prep and can vary dramatically based upon the landscape and the ground covering. Essentially you are trying to clear a rough path for players to use and to remove anything dangerous or potentially harmful like nettles. You should try and get a hold of some basic tools like a sythe, rake, and a shovel for clearing. A pair of gardening gloves are also an essential item to save your fingers.

Digging the hole for the pallet

Anchoring the tee
Once you get your path cleared for your hole you can start prepping the ground for the tee. You want level ground and a secured pallet. In order to do this mark the place where the palette will sit and mark it. Remove the pallet and dig a pallet shaped hole about an inch or so deep. Rake it out to level the soil and put the pallet in place. It should be snug, level and secure. If not you might need a bit of a deeper hole. Once the pallet is secure you can screw on your matting or astroturf and your tee is complete.

Green and hole

Creating the green & hole
Next up is the green. You should have cleared most of the area already but make sure everything is out of the way to start the green construction. Generally the greens are around 2-3m in diameter but it's really up to you. If you are using dirt for the green then dig up all the plant material from the area so it is just fresh soil. You then need to dig a bit of a hole for your paint pot or container or whatever the players are aiming for. Bury that into the ground and mound up the earth around it so it is completely submerged. Tidy up the green area and then dig out any hazards you are putting in. Once all that is complete you can define your green by ringing it with sticks or rocks or whatever you choose. If you've got the time it would be good to finish off the hole with a little flag for players to aim for.

As I've said before you'll need to have a sign next to the tee of each hole so teh players know the order of the course. These could be anywhere in the surrounding area. You may also want some signs to guide the players to the first tee and to the exits as well.

And that's it! You have made your very own Wiffle Golf course it is just that simple. Please get in touch once you complete a course and we'll put you on the map. It would be great to get a network of courses up and down the country for everyone to enjoy.